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AP Summer Assignments


All AP assignments will need to be turned in when students return to SLHS for the 2020-2021 school year in August.

AP Chemistry: Assignment #1Assignment #2Assignment #3Assignment #4Assignment #5Assignment #6Assignment #7Assignment #8Assignment #9Assignment #10Assignment #11

AP Government: Assignment

AP Literature:

*AP Literature students may purchase their own copies of the following novels for annotation purposes, but these will be read in class during the school year.

          1. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

          2. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

          3. Frankenstein by Mary W. Shelly

AP Research: Assignment

AP Studio Art: Elements of ArtPrinciples of Art

*Study the Elements and Principles of Art as all art is based on them. Activities in the booklets are not required,  but the following is:

*Your AP portfolio requires that you choose a topic (called a “Sustained Investigation”) that you must focus on.  Come up with a topic that interests you and write out or sketch 15 different ideas around that topic.  Show expansion or growth around that topic.  That is due when you start school.  Remember all art must show  some elements and principles of art.

*Keep up with your art skills by sketching and drawing.

AP World History: Assignment