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Graduation Date May 2020

  • Graduation will be held at the University of Central Florida Addition Financial Arena.  The Date and Time are TBD.

    Each student will be given 10 free tickets.  Additional tickets will be on sale at a later date.   The cost for additional tickets will be $10 per ticket.

    Graduates need to arrive at UCF at 12:30pm to get ready and line up.  Doors open at 1:00pm and the graduation ceremony starts at 2:00pm

    Graduation attire: DRESS BLACK SHOES

    GUYS: Dress Black Slacks, white collared shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve)

    LADIES: Dark Skirts/dress (black or blue) (not longer than gown). Dress black shoes


    Additional Information:  Children 2 and under do not need a ticket, 3 and over do need tickets to attend.  There are no strollers, car seats/carriers allowed inside the area due to safety concerns.  Parking at the Arena is $5.00 per car.  Graduates and staff should park in Garage F, parents and guests will park in Garages D and H which are close to the Arena.  Handicapped parking is available in garages D and H as well as some of the surface lots.

    Directions from SLHS to the Addition Financial Arena