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Physical Packet



All students who are interested in playing a sport at South Lake High School must submit their physical packets online.  You may pick up the complete physical packet in the main office.  It must be a sports’ physical and it must be signed by a doctor and your parent or guardian.  Once the physical packet is completed, you must go online to to upload all of the appropriate documents.  This is the only way to turn in your physical.  You may not turn it in to a coach or the front office.  Please visit and create an account and complete the steps.  For directions on how to complete the steps, please click HERE to visit our Athletics page.  All athletes must complete this process before they can work out or practice with a team. 

2019-20 Physical

(physicals must be on the EL2 form; school

entry and health exam physicals are not acceptable)

All athletes MUST submit their physicals online.  Please follow the steps:

Instructions for completing athletic clearance 

IMPORTANT!  If you came to physical night on 4/4/18, then you still need to register for an account on athletic clearance, but you do not need to upload a physical (EL2 form).








Important:  If you had a physical on 4/4/18 at

the school for physical night, then you still need

to create an account on athletic clearance.  But,

you do not need to upload the physical (EL2 form).