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SLHS Booster Club

South Lake All Sports Booster Club


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Booster By-Laws and Positions

General Information: The goal of South Lake All Sports Booster is to provide the athletic program the support they need to enrich the high school educational experience for all SLH students. The goal of SLASB is to provide funding to support quality athletic programs at SLHS, promote attendance at all SLHS sporting events and to build school spirit within the student body. South Lake All Sports Boosters is a group of volunteers who support the athletes and athletic programs at South Lake High School.

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1.      Shall be the principal executive officer of the Booster Club;

2.     Shall preside over all of the activities of the Booster Club;

3.     Shall be a member of the Executive Board and when present, shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and all meeting of the general membership;

4.     Act as spokesperson for the Booster Club;

5.     Act as a second authorized check signatory; and

6.     Investigate any complaints

Vice Chairman

1.     Shall be in the absence of the Chairman, perform the duties of the Chairman;

2.     Shall perform such other duties as are assigned by the Chairman of the Executive Board;

3.     Fundraising; and

4.     Act as second authorized check signatory

Membership Chairman

1.      Shall coordinate all membership drives;

2.     Shall track volunteer meeting attendance and fundraising participation and

3.     Maintain master mailing list

Sponsorship Director

1.      Shall coordinate corporate and individual sponsorships;

2.     Establish sponsorship program; and

3.     Shall act as liaison between sponsors and Executive Board.

Community Outreach Director

1.      Marketing

2.     Public relations; and

3.     Press Releases

Current Board Members

Chair: Rhonda Gregoire

Co-Chair: Mark Naylor

Treasurer:  Debbie Smith

Secretary:  Nayla McCarty

Sponsorship:  Brett D'Aoust

Membership:  Laural Krull and Heather Kelly


To contact the board

You can mail your membership application to:

South Lake All Sports Booster

15600 Silver Eagle Road

Groveland, FL   34736