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Bright Futures

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program



High School Students...Start monitoring your Bright Futures status NOW by creating an FLVC Login ID and Password at

Please note that this website is operated by a leadership group independent of the Florida Department of Education.  Because the educational data is only updated a few times during the year, academic transcript information may NOT be up-to-date at all times.    

How do I view my Bright Futures Scholarship Eligibility Evaluation?

If you are a currently enrolled public high school student:

  1. Log in with your FLVC ID and password
  2. Select My Records > High School Students > Bright Futures Scholarship Eligibility Evaluation
  3. Click "Continue"


http://www.FloridaStudentFinancialAid.orgOpens a New Window.


Select "State Grants, Scholarships & Applications" and the "Bright Futures" image.


Review requirements for:


Initial Eligibility


Grade Point Average

Community Service Hours

Test Scores (ACT/SAT)