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Students with Disabilities

  • I think my child may have a learning disability. What should I do?

    Lake County School District follows a research-based process called, "MTSS" - Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. This process is also sometimes referred to as "RTI" - Response to Intervention. The first step is to request a meeting with your student's teachers and counselor, and any other school or community-based personnel that may work with your student. Data will need to gathered and discussed to address where your student is currently at, and where he/she should be. The team will create interventions and reconvene at a later date to discuss progress. The goal is to work together to create successful measures for student progress.

  • My child may have ADHD, what should I do?

    First and foremost, please work with your physician for proper diagnosis. The school can help with screenings and will assist with setting up a meeting to discuss the process and interventions. Please contact your student's School Counselor for help. 
    For more information on ADHD, please visit and/or

  • What is the difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan?

    Students with disabilities MAY be found eligible for services through one of two laws: IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)is Public Education Law (Pre-K to 12th grade)and is sometimes referred to as ESE (Exceptional Student Education). ESE Students have an Individual Education Plans (IEP). Section 504 is Civil Rights Law that provides non-discriminatory rights for individuals with disabilities. 
    If your child has a disability, or believe your child may have a disability, which is impacting their learning, please contact your School Counselor for assistance.

  • My child's physician gave me paperwork for teachers to complete. Who should I give it to?

    Your child's School Counselor can assist you with this process. Please submit paperwork to the counselor and note how you would like the paperwork to be returned. If you would like the paperwork to be sent in the mail, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

  • My child has a medical condition that is preventing them from coming to school. Who should I talk to?

    If your child is experiencing a temporary ailment that may cause occasional absences from school, please contact the Attendance Office and/or your child's School Counselor.
    However, if your child is suffering from an emotional or physical impairment that is causing them to be chronically absent from school, please contact the SLHS ESE Office to obtain paperwork for Homebound Instruction. 352-394-2100

  • My child has a learning disability. Which college prep test should they take?

    We usually recommend that students attempt BOTH the ACT and the SAT at least once to see which one they score the highest on and which one bests suits their learning style. If your child has an active 504 plan and or Individual Education Plan (IEP) which addresses testing accommodations, YOU will need to request testing accommodations through the private testing sites (ACT or College Board). Please contact your child's 504 or ESE Coordinator for more information. *Accommodations MUST BE requested at least 4 weeks prior to testing!!!

  • Are testing accommodations automatic when taking the ACT or SAT?

    NO!!!! Because ACT and SAT Tests are not mandated by the public schools, it is the student's and/or parents responsibility to request testing accommodations for these tests. Please contact the ESE Specialist so that arrangements can be made to help you obtain necessary paperwork. At least ONE month prior to taking the test should be given so that all paperwork can be completed and submitted in a timely manner.