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South Lake High School is very proud to introduce our new Cambridge AICE program!  We will be accepting applications for incoming 9th grade students later in the year.  We will provide more application information at a later date. 

Please read below for more information on the Cambridge AICE program.

Official Cambridge AICE Website

What is AICE?

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Cambridge program is a 4 year cohorted program that prepares students to become competitive to gain admissions to universities for higher study, while earning college credits.

Why should I want my child in the AICE program?

Students in the AICE program are cohorted, creating a strong teacher/student and peer support system.  For each AICE exam passed, students earn 3-4 college credits and one point towards the AICE diploma.  Students in the AICE program can transfer up to 45 credit hours of college credit earned during high school (~1.5 years of college).  Students that earn an AICE diploma are exempt from physical education (PE) and the fine arts requirement of a standard high school diploma.  Students in the AICE program that earn a Cambridge AICE Diploma are guaranteed the top level of Bright Futures Scholarship funds, which can be used at all Florida public universities (pending the completion of 100 community service hours).

How can the AICE program help my child earn the top level of the Bright Futures Scholarship?

Bright Futures Scholarship provides scholarships for students with high academic achievement.  Covers 120 college credit hours.  Current Academic Scholars Award is $212.71 per credit hour plus $300 per semester.  Bright Futures scholarship will currently guarantee them $27,325.20 in tuition towards your 4-year degree.

Without AICE diploma - students currently need a 29 ACT/1330 SAT & 3.5 GPA to qualify.  With the AICE Diploma, students are exempt from ACT/SAT score requirement.  If students complete 100 hours of community service and earn AICE Diploma- guaranteed the top level of the scholarship.  Many students find it difficult to achieve the ACT/SAT score required to secure this scholarship without the AICE diploma.

How does my child qualify for the AICE program?

Requirements for Invitation to Apply to SLHS Cambridge AICE Program

  • Incoming Freshman (Current 8th Grade Student)

  • A/B Grades only on 1st & 2nd Quarter Report Cards. 

Requirements for Acceptance to SLHS Cambridge AICE Program

  • Completed Application: Including writing sample.

  • Grades: A/B Grades only in Core Classes on End-of-Year Report Card.

  • Testing: Level 3 or higher on 8th grade FSA ELA, Algebra 1 or Geometry EOC, and FCAT Science. No level 1 scores on the FSA ELA, Algebra 1 or Geometry EOC, or FCAT Science will be accepted.

  • Complete Algebra 1 prior to acceptance.

Private School Applicants

  • Students may submit PSAT data to meet FSA/FCAT requirements. 

  • If testing data is unavailable, acceptance will be based on academic record and teacher recommendation.

What is the difference between AICE, AP and Dual Enrollment? 

AICE is a 4-year program, not a random selection of classes.   With the inclusion of the Pre-AICE curriculum, South Lake High begins the college preparatory instruction in 9th grade.   AP classes and Dual Enrollment, with a few exceptions, do not begin until the 11th or 12th grade year.

What is the AICE diploma and what kind of classes does AICE offer?

At South Lake High School, students will take Pre-AICE and AS (AICE) level classes.

  • Pre-AICE classes are non-tested, honors level courses taken during Freshman year, intended to prepare students for the rigorous college coursework of AICE classes starting their Sophomore year.

  • AS (AICE) level courses run one (1) full academic year and upon successful completion of an AS level AICE exam, students earn one (1) full credit towards a Cambridge AICE diploma, and typically 3-4 college credit hours.

  • At the end of the program, students will receive either a general diploma or an AICE diploma. To be eligible for a Cambridge AICE diploma, students must earn seven (7) credits by passing a combination of AICE exams from three (3) separate categories and must also pass the required Global Perspectives course.

Do students have to earn the full AICE Diploma in order to earn college credits?

No.  Students receive General Certificate of Education (GCE) subject certificates for AS level examinations passed.  Colleges award credit on a subject – by – subject basis according to grades earned on individual examinations passed. 

Does earning an AICE diploma help with the Florida Bright Futures qualifications?

Earning an AICE diploma and completing the community service hours guarantees the highest level of the Florida Bright Futures scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded based on receiving the diploma and not on the SAT and ACT score the student achieved.

Do colleges look more favorably at AICE diplomas than they do at AP exams passed?

Colleges know that AICE is a 4 year program with a proven international curriculum.  They know that students have been working at an advanced college prep level beginning in ninth grade. They also value the depth and breadth of the AICE  four year course of study compared with the ability of an AP student to choose only those AP courses they are interested in taking at the junior and senior level.

Is AICE accepted where my child wants to attend College?

Whether you choose AICE or any other program, make sure to check with the universities that you’re interested in first! Over 500 colleges, including all IVY League universities, across the United States do accept the AICE courses for college credit. All public community colleges and universities in Florida are required to award the minimum recommended credit for AICE exams (up to 45 total credits) for a passing score on the AICE exams.

My child is very active in extracurricular activities.  Can they remain active in these activities and handle the workload of the AICE classes?

Our AICE students can participate in every activity we have here at SLHS.  They can play sports, march in the band, sing in the chorus, act in our musicals, compete in academic competitions, cheer, dance, volunteer, attend youth group and more.  In other words, yes, it is possible to do it all.  Is it easy?  I think that will vary from person to person but the majority of our students find the time.  Can you do it?  That is a question for you and your parents to consider.

How do the homework loads compare?

While homework loads vary across grade-level and courses, AICE homework is a rigorous program that is designed to maximize student learning and minimize busy-work. Many AICE students are able to manage their time to remain involved with extracurriculars (such as band, sports, church and community activities) in addition to their academic studies.

Who are the contacts for the SLHS AICE program?

Head of Centre: Mr. Benson

AICE Administrator and Exam Officer: Mr. Spencer

AICE Coordinator: Ms. Gonzalez

AICE Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Bains