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Online Courses

Virtual School Information

According to new state legislation, students who are in the graduation class of 2015 and beyond must take an online course as part of their graduation requirements.  The online course can either be .5 credit or 1.0 credit class.  However, if the student signs up for a 1.0 credit class, they must complete the full 1.0 credit in order to meet the online course requirement.  


Students are encouraged to take an online course through Lake County Virtual School, which is a franchise of Florida Virtual School and ensures that the students will receive a certified Lake County teacher.  Please click on the attached document for specific information on how to create an account and request a course.  


Virtual Course Instructions


After the account for the student is set up the parent/guardian should also set up an account.  The parent will need to approve taking the course, and then LCVS/FLVS will request that the School Counselor on record approve the course.


Virtual courses are completed at a pace agreed upon by the virtual teacher and the student.


If the student signs up for a virtual course, they must finish it. The grade they earn in the virtual course is put on the high school transcript and is calculated into the grade point average. There is a 14-day grace period that a student can drop the virtual course with no penalty.  Click Here for more information:


When the student has completed the course, they will need to print the course grade and submit to their School Counselor so that it can be entered onto their transcript.  Please make a copy for your records.