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Schedule Correction/Changes 

SLHS Student Services would like to thank students and parents for their patience during the scheduling process. 

Corrections/changes to the schedule may be approved when a student has taken and passed the course, missing course sequence or a missing graduation requirement.

Corrections/changes WILL NOT be made due to teacher or was not a previously requested course.

Course correction request will be based off of availability, including State and County mandates, and will be part of the final decision by administration to approve a requested schedule correction/changes.

If you feel corrections are necessary, please complete the attached form and bring to SLHS Student Services (Guidance).  Counselors will review the request and submit to the appropriate administrator for final approval.  In the meantime, it is imperative for students to attend their scheduled classes.   Counselors & Administrators will be working diligently to ensure that necessary corrections happen as quickly as possible.  If you have not heard back after ONE WEEK of submitting your request, please contact your counselor to inquire about your status. 

Again, thank you for your patience in this matter.   


Change of Classroom and/or Teacher Request

If a parent does not agree with something in the classroom, setting up a meeting with the teacher is the first recommended action.   Parents are encouraged to email the teacher directly to schedule a conference.  If parents would like to conference with all teachers, your student's School Counselor can assist with scheduling the meeting.  

If parents do not feel the conference was helpful, they can write a letter and/or schedule a meeting with the grade-level administrator.