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Bronson, Dusty

Mrs. Dusty Bronson

ELA 4, ELA 4 Honors, AP Literature and Composition, AP Capstone Research


Office Hours

10:00 am -10:30 am- Live on Zoom for any student to join.

10:30 am-12:30 pm- Available to chat, email, or call.

12:30 pm-1 pm- Live on Zoom for any student to join.


I will check email periodically throughout the rest of the day and make phone calls as necessary.


New Zoom One on One Meetings are by appointment only. Check Google Classroom Steam for updates on whole group Zoom meetings.

Zoom ID :  424-866-5827


Email –


Google Classroom Codes:  All of my students have been in the google classrooms before.  They should be familiar with the process, but just in case someone has deleted the class, these are the codes for each course. 

Select them

ELA 4 First Period- m3bi2qk

ELA 4 Honors Second Period- djtkiuk

AP Literature Third Period-wg6ntnx

AP Literature Fourth Period- qabrrzp

AP Capstone Research Fourth Period- nutssn5

ELA 4 Sixth Period- tk7r425

AP Literature Seventh Period- fg2knr5


ELA 4 and ELA 4 Honors will be using Edgunity for course work. We will be using Google classroom for Independent Reading accountability and communication.  


AP Literature and AP Capstone Research- you will be utilizing your google classroom and  College Board account.  The College Board is individual to each student, I do not have log in information. Google classroom will be used for communication and for assignments.