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Dewberry, Deborah


Friday, 3/27

Digital Learning Preparation

intensive reading / intensive language arts



Greetings students and guardians,


I have been waiting to contact everyone until I could tell you exactly what you will be doing for our class when you return to school using our new virtual classroom on Monday.


Unfortunately, because this is such a large and unexpected project, I still do not have all of the information I need as a teacher to be able to tell you as students and guardians how this will work.


Here are the things I do know and need for you to be aware of:


  1. How will you know what to do?


I will post “instructions for the week” in the Classwork tab of Google Classroom each week, just as I have been doing for the past several weeks since we transitioned to using Chromebooks in our classroom.  There will be a topic for each week and ALL INSTRUCTIONS will be there.


Guardians, I sent out invitations to all guardians when we initially began using Google Classroom.  I will re-send this invitation, but you will only receive it if your email information is accurate in Skyward (see below).


  1. Communication- email


Everyone please use the email function in Skyward to communicate with me.  Both students and guardians have the ability to email me directly via Skyward.  

Although all 3 platforms we will be using (Achieve3000, Google Classroom, and Edgenuity) have the ability to send messages, there is a much better chance that I will actually be able to see your message and respond to you in a timely manner if we use a single communication platform.


Parents and guardians, if your email and phone numbers are not accurate in Skyward, there is very little chance that I will be able to respond to you quickly during this virtual learning time.  Therefore, please log in to your parent access side of Skyward and make any changes necessary.  If you email me directly from your gmail, hotmail, etc. it is possible that your message will be directed to the junk section of our email system.  I will be checking this much more frequently than I usually do. However, I have had the experience of having messages from private email addresses completely disappear because they are somehow blocked by the district security system, so if I do not get back to you within 24 hours, this will likely be the reason.

I will be sending this message to you via Skyward as well as posting it here, and in Google Classroom. If you have not received an email from me, chances are that you need to update your information.


  1. Communication- phone


If we need to speak by phone, we will use the Google Meet application.  I will not communicate with anyone via text message or traditional phone call.  I do not have access to a Lake County phone number to use in order to communicate with you and I wish to keep my personal phone number private.  I feel sure that you can appreciate and respect this, and I thank you for your understanding! 😊


  1. Office hours


Because there are things happening right up to the last minute this week, I will be working through this weekend to have everything prepared for you on Monday morning.  I will not be checking email during the weekend, but putting all of my attention on making sure that I have clear instructions prepared for you to begin learning on Monday morning.


My “office hours” will be our regular school hours.  I will make every effort to respond to both student and guardian email messages within 24 hours.  If we need to speak directly with one another, we will schedule individual Google Meets appointments as needed.  Please understand that much of this is new for me as well, and I feel certain that things may not go completely as planned at first.  We are certainly seeing some glitches and confusion from our side (teachers and district personnel) as the district is preparing teachers, so I do anticipate that there will be a few glitches along the way as I prepare for you.  Please be patient and know that I will be doing whatever I can to make this as easy as I possibly can for you.


  1. Attendance and Grading


The only thing I am able to tell you at this point is that attendance will be taken based on the time you spend using the Edgenuity program for our class.  This is required by the Lake County School District, in compliance with the program approved by the State of Florida.


On Monday morning, you will see details about this in the “instructions for the week” within Google Classroom.


  1. Stay Calm and Keep Reading


We will all get through this together.  I am with you and will do everything I can to help you keep developing as readers.  Remember that the best thing you can possibly be doing to improve your reading is to read, read, read.  So take some time to find some good stories and just enjoy them! 


Best wishes to all of you and your families, 

D. Dewberry