Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Fisher, Candice

Office hours:

Monday: 10 AM- 1PM

Tuesday: 2PM – 5PM

Wednesday: 9 AM – Noon

Thursday: 10 AM – 1PM

Friday: 5PM – 8PM


During my office hours I will be at my computer and I will have a certain time to either have a “Google Meet” meeting with students to answer questions or a “Zoom” meeting. Specific times and places will be posted on my Google Classroom. You can email me or send me Google Classroom messages at any time and I will get to them when I sign in.


Google Classroom Codes:

1st: pqkpums


3rd: 2jrugcy

4th: 2fwoida

6th: bjuph7w

7th: skpe4s6


Students will be completeing one lesson on Edgenuity per day.


You will also be expected to read for half an hour each day. I suggest reading that Frankenstein book you all got for my class earlier in the year. If you are reading Frankenstein you will complete the Fever Chart assignment and other books will have a Reading Log for you to fill out. More instructions will be found on my Google Classroom.