Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Hevener, Sherilyn

To my amazing students,

I wanted to tell you how much I have missed you. Even though we are in uncharted waters, I believe together we can make this an amazing epic end to our year together. I know you have so many questions and I want to answer them all, so my plan is to give you a few answers of what I think you might be asking.


The following is a list of communication options for my classes and the best way to use.

  1. Everyone (parents/guardians and students) needs to be on REMIND, if you are not please join. To join the Remind Groups, text the following codes to 81010. We will use it for quick short questions/answers.
    1. Period 1 code: @ditpd1
    2. Period 2 code: @ditpd2
    3. Period 3 code: @inpd3
    4. Period 5 code: @ditpd5
    5. Period 6 code: @enpd6
    6. Period 6 SAD class code: @sadpd6
    7. Period 7 code: @dipd6


  1. EMAIL. student email is lastname.first Please make sure I have a working email for your parent/guardian. Have ALL parents/guardian send me an email message.


  1. Google Classroom. Longer specific assignment questions but not a rush


  1. Google Meet or Zoom. This is a face and/or verbal conversation. Use this when you need immediate answers. 


  1. Office hours 10 am – 1 pm Monday – Friday. I am available to you for anything you need during those times. It is also during that time I will communicate to you as necessary.

I expect you to spend time working on my assignments every day. A good gauge is 30 minutes.

DIT students: Your course is in Edgenuity. I know it will take time to get used to and many of the required curriculum you have already done for me. Just do the assignments as you come to them. You will be getting credit in Quarter 4 for all assignments in Edgenuity.

As for Jasperactive/Gmetrix, please do not do any more assignments in those programs at this point. The county is still working on certification exams and when/if you will be able to take them this school year.


All E-commerce students: You will be in Google Classroom as you are already familiar. We will continue with what we were doing prior to Spring Break.

Intro students: You will still do the business plan and it is possible to do it with a partner. I am working on making the template usable in google docs. I will let you know when it is complete, however you can go ahead and begin the process and just upload it when I have the formatting complete. Everything is already in Google Classroom.

Entrepreneur students: Please continue with the simulation. The simulation is this quarters grades, so complete it. I will make the last simulation available to you when I see you have reached it. That will be your final grade.

Systems and Analysis students: Continue to work on your website. Send me the link, so I can monitor your progress.