Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Ingram, Tara

Hello All!  Hope you and your families are staying safe and well through this time of uncertainty.  We are definitely going through a huge transition and we all have our roles in it.  The biggest part is to keep us all connected without overwhelming you.  As we ease into distance learning, I have summed up the key items below for reference and expectations. We all need to work together for us to all be successful.  I will be loading videos on Google Classroom to help through the process. So check it frequently for resources for my ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE class.



Monday- Friday 9-12.  This is when you can set up a Google Meet for help or I will be available to answer emails right away with questions.  I will also be checking progress at this time.



Log into Edgenuity for 30 minutes every day.   It is important to create a schedule for yourself with all your classes. The work for my class is minimal as to not overwhelm. This will be the student participation grade.




Google Classroom-     1st Period-hap4eo5

                                    2nd Period-ipw2gjh

                                    3rd Period-6fo7gsp

                                    4th Period-46fdmuh

                                    6th Period-aehcln6

                                    7th Preiod-23227hv

Google MEET/ZOOM- Look for invite via Email- Classlink to OFFICE 365 to check mail                               


REMIND-. SIGN UP STUDENTS AND PARENTS: Text to 81010 = code is @6c32h9