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Mendoza, Brenda


C19- FL-0708340-Spanish 1 Q4 Part A

Office hours: 11:00 - 2:00  (students & parents contact)

Please, they can send me an email if they cannot reach me at those hours and need to talk to me.

I will contact them by Google meet or Zoom.


2 Weeks Plan 3/30/2020 – 4/15/2020

B. Mendoza                    Spanish 1                                                               


Welcome back! I miss all of you and I hope you are all being safe! For the time being, we will be working together from home. I know this is a new adventure for us, but together we are going to surpass this situation.

  • We will use​ Edgenuity to complete daily assignments. You will need to complete one unit about “Clothing” by 4/15/2020. As a recommendation, students should follow the schedule presented on your “student page” right top corner; “Course Report.”
  • ​Edgenuity can be found under the C-19 Distance Learning tile in classlink. All students are enrolled in the course C19-FL- 0708340 Spanish 1
  • Google Classroom will be utilized for announcements or supplemental resources to help you with the course if it is necessary. ​Google Classroom can be found under the Google Apps tile on your classlink page. All periods have a code to log in to Google classroom. If you haven’t joint to your class, these are the codes for each period:
  • Period 1kr7fs6e          
  • Period 2b4y3v4s        
  • Period 4s6ucd7p
  • Period 5nrdwlpb          
  • Period 6ayzr5ic       
  • Period 7pext75l  


  • In terms of grading, I will be posting grades on a weekly basis in Skyward, utilizing your assignment grades from ​the Edgenuity course. As teachers, we will employ our best discretion with grading as this is an unexpected shift from our traditional way of teacher and student-led instruction. 
  • I will contact you and your parents/guardians if you fail to complete your assignments weekly. If a student has not logged in a period of three days, contact will be made again. Keep in mind that failure to log in for five days in a row will require us to reach out to administration/guidance for further assistance. 

We hope to be back in the classroom as quickly as possible, but until then, we teachers are here to help in any way possible!  


Please remember that you can always contact me through the following resources if you need any assistance at all.   

M-F 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. I am available through email, Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Zoom (if you let me know in advance a specific time that you would like to video chat.)

Zoom Meeting: By appointment only if it is necessary!



B. Mendoza

Spanish Teacher

South Lake High School