Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Sanderlin, Matthew

Mr. Sanderlin’s Learning STRATS Class

1st Period

Hey class, I hope everyone is doing well and had a restful Spring Break! I have set up a Google Classroom and a Remind Text app so you can keep up with my class and all assignments that will be sent out and graded each week.  I need you to remember to have constant contact with your other teachers and check in daily to see what assignments or activities you may have to do.

“Students:  If you experience problems logging in to your Edenuity accounts, go through Classlinks instead of the Edenuity website.

Account login usernames have been changed to the students’ school email address, for example:

Be advised that teachers are checking students’ Edenuity session logs to monitor time spent daily on each subject, work products, grades, etc. Teachers may mark students as “absent” for the day if insufficient time is spent that day (minimum of 30 minutes, Mondays – Fridays) for each assigned course. “         


My office hours will be Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

You can contact me through Google Classroom, E-mail, Remind and Call. 

You should enroll in Remind for better communication. Here is a link to Remind, which we will use to streamline communications between each other:

I will be available to chat, email, or call. Please stay in contact with me if you have any problems completing assignments or keeping up with the daily course work. 

Contact information:

Google Classroom Code:  6do7lje


Remind: TEXT           @mrsanderli

Phone:  352-394-2100, X-5453 -- leave voice mail, which goes to my email, checked periodically 7:00AM-4:00PM