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Scully, Erin

Soaring Eagles Chorus & Music of the World:


Below you will find information in regards to where you will find your course work for all Chorus classes and Music of the World.  Please refer back to your email for the original & full message including this information and more. Remember that we are all in this together!  If you have any questions, please email me at


Where will I find my course work? 

Lake County School District has instructed that for High School music classes, we use Google Classroom.  Please use the following codes to sign up for your one or more classes.   All assignments will be posted here so it is vital you sign up.  If you are having a difficult time accessing your class, please email me and I will do my best to help you get logged in.

*Chorus Students - Up to this point, we have used one Google Classroom as a chorus program.  For the ease of distance learning, I have created new Google Classrooms, one for each individual class. 

Class Codes:

2nd Period (Bass Harmonix):  clryyl5

3rd Period (Beginning Women):  w6psurq

4th Period (Silver Sisters):  dpoel5z

5th Period (Bella A Cappella):  qxuzrfe

6th Period (Vita Musica):  4fjudqg

7th Period (Music of the World):  ve3si4h

Chorus Seniors:  h2rztou

Soaring Eagles Chorus (all chorus students):  34ehekv