Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Wilson, Lilly

·       For English 3 classes, we will be using Edgenuity.

·       Students can log in to classlink to get to the dashboard.

·       I recommend that students watch some of the orientation videos if they have never used this online class platform in the past. 

·       The course must be completed in the order that is presented.  Students cannot skip around.

·       I will be keeping track of attendance by monitoring that you are logged in each day and have completed 1 lesson per day.  The dashboard shows me active and idle time as well as the scores of any assignments.  You will get grades for everything that is completed.  Keep an eye on skyward.   

·       Students can email me at with any questions.  All correspondence needs to come through email. 

·       My office hours will be 9-10:30 AM and 1-2:30 PM.  It is at that time that I will be answering any emailed questions.  If you require a call back, please leave an updated telephone number. 

·       I will be transferring grades into Skyward from Edgenuity.

·       I want all students to finish reading The Great Gatsby chapters 7-9.  Spend about 15-30 minutes per day reading and answering the questions on the Reader’s Guide that I posted on Google Classroom.  Let’s plan to be finished with the reading and the Reader’s guide by April 15th.  If you read 6 pages a day on the PDF copy that is posted on Google Classroom, you will be finished by the due date.  It is at that time that I will upload the test for those chapters. 

Stay on top of the workload.  Take short breaks as needed.