Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Wright, Ryan


- 9:00am - 3:00pm



- 1302300 Band I (Symphonic Band)

- 1302310 Band II (Symphonic Band)

- 1302320 Band III (Symphonic Band)

- 1302330 Band IV (Wind Symphony)

- 1302340 Band V Honors (Wind Symphony)

- 1302350 Band VI Honors (Wind Symphony)

- 1302460 Instrumental Ensemble I (Percussion Ensemble)

- 1302470 Instrumental Ensemble II (Percussion Ensemble)

- 1302480 Instrumental Ensemble III (Percussion Ensemble)

- 1302490 Instrumental Ensemble IV Honors (Percussion Ensemble)

- 1302500 Jazz Ensemble I (Jazz Lab Band)

- 1302510 Jazz Ensemble II (Jazz Lab Band)

- 1302520 Jazz Ensemble III (Jazz Lab Band / Studio Jazz Ensemble)

- 1302530 Jazz Ensemble IV Honors (Jazz Lab Band / Studio Jazz Ensemble)

- 1305300 Eurhythmics I (Guard Ensemble)

- 1305310 Eurhythmics II (Guard Ensemble)

- 1305320 Eurhythmics III (Guard Ensemble)

- 1305330 Eurhythmics IV (Guard Ensemble)



There are some required assignments for band that need to be completed weekly through two resources beginning NEXT WEEK. The first is one that students have already been using in my classes is Google Classroom. All Band & Guard students will be required to complete a weekly practice log (it is now a digital form to be completed), and the expected (REQUIRED) practice time is 20 minutes every day on FUNDAMENTALS, which they will log in a weekly questionnaire every Friday in Google Classroom. Students in the 5th Period Guard Ensemble class will also need to watch a YouTube video about Guard: Performance, Education, or Design, and they are required to complete a short summary every Tuesday on Google Classroom as well. Students in the 1st period Symphonic Band, 2nd period Jazz Lab Band, 3rd period Studio Jazz Ensemble, 4th period Wind Symphony, and 7th period Percussion Ensemble classes will need to utilize SightReadingFactory to complete one weekly sightreading requirement, per class they are enrolled in. Those assignments will be released each Monday to be completed by Tuesday evening on their own time. Below are instructions for how to get access to your FREE SightReadingFactory login. Please go ahead and register for this fantastic app as soon as possible so you are set for the first assignment which will release on Monday, March 30. If you need help from me individually, you can always email me at

Students can follow these steps to activate or renew a SightReadingFactory subscription using your new student code:

If a student is activating a SRF account for the first time:

If a student has had a SRF account in the past and is renewing their account:

Click "Extend Subscription".